Farmhouse Espresso




Farmhouse Espresso is our blend that changes ingredients from time to time as coffees go in and out of season but always keeps its characteristic flavor. Currently, it features our Burka Gudina Estate Ethiopia, a natural Limmu from Ethiopia and Los Encinos, an SHB EP grown in Guatemala’s highlands. It’s a blend that has plenty of fruity top end to provide a tasty and complex espresso for drinking straight as well as the nice anchored chocolate and toffee notes that let it stand up well with milk. Ethiopia’s fruitiness makes for blueberries and cream in a cappuccino. Farmhouses are warm, comforting, familiar, yet challenging. They are homes for hard working people who appreciate the goodness of craftsmanship. It is in that spirit that we offer our Farmhouse blend- a versatile, comforting, and rewarding blend of top coffees to suit every need.


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