Live music is coming back to the Spotted Cow and we’re kicking it off with not one but two days of live music this weekend!


June 23rd 7pm- 930pm

Fox and the Gypsi:

Piano driven neo soul

Young Chhyalee:

Pop Rock R&B Soul. Young-Chhaylee is a Seattle native who has built his local following around authentic connection both as a musician and person. With soulful melodies and catchy hooks, Chhaylee captivates audiences with Pop Soul stylings and powerful vocals. Likened to Otis Redding and D’Angelo, his unforgettable voice is supported by a talented veteran band that promises consistent musicianship with vibe-fueled performances that are a new experience every show.

D. Micheal Glenn:

D. Michael Glenn is a singer-songwriter. Splitting his time between LA and Seattle, Michael spins tales of love and loss over reverb drenched waiting walls of guitar noise. His debut release “Eulogies” is due approximately whenever it gets done this fall.



June 24th 7pm-930pm

Fox and the Gypsi:

Piano driven neo soul

Ian Ketterer:

Lead singer for Among Authors- An emotionally-driven indie rock band hailing out of Seattle Washington, Among Authors is fronted by lead singer and keyboardist Ian Ketterer who originally formed the band halfway across the country in the state of Wisconsin.

Among Authors has been fortunate enough to be sponsored by analog photography, Lomography, which is based in Vienna, Austria. Among Authors wrote and recorded the music for a short film called “Dear Emma” and their music will also be featured in an upcoming Playstation 4 and Xbox One game called “On A Roll” which is due out in 2017.

Among Authors is currently working on recording their debut album, “I Am Become”, which is available August 27th, 2016. Following the release, Among Authors will also be touring in support of the new album.

Craig Maker:

Over the past few years, Craig Marker has been using his music to capture the stories of those around him. There is a certain honesty that accompanies his storytelling — one that preserves the underlying feelings of desperation, hope, and uncertainty as he translates story to song. These songs reflect experiences of the past, struggles of the present, and dreams of the future — asking, “what if dreams can come true…and what happens if they don’t?” He explains, “I certainly don’t have all the answers, but I like to think that I’m starting to ask the right questions.”

Rooted in acoustic guitar, harmonica, and vocals, he is simplistic yet purposeful in his style — forming a modern sound that is classically inspired. Marker had the opportunity to share his work at the University of California, San Diego’s 2015 Sun God Festival and recently wrapped up his time in San Diego with the release of his first album, Up Until Now.